Certification Process

Questionnaire Form

Upon receipt of query from prospective customer for fee proposal, a Questionnaire Form is delivered to the customer to acquire information related but not limited to the following: Number of employees, scope of certification, number of sites including addresses, and number of shifts.

Upon receipt of completed Questionnaire Form, the detailed Proposal is prepared and delivered to customer for perusal. The Proposal will describe various services that BMQR agrees to provide to its customers, including terms and conditions, responsibilities and fees.

Acceptance of Proposal
Customers are advised to review the Proposal thoroughly and upon acceptance, requested to deliver the signed Proposal, application fee and uncontrolled copy of system documentation to BMQR for commencing. A formal planning and scheduling date for Stage 1 of the audit will be sent to customers.

Stage 1 Audit
Documents are examined to establish general adequacy for compliance to assessment criteria (Standards). A program which identifies the logistics of the assessment, including sites, areas to be visited and approximate timing, is prepared and issued to the customer. Stage 1 is an On-site assessment which will be carried out on customers’ site.

Stage 2 Audit
A comprehensive assessment of the customer’s management system is undertaken and detailed non-compliance notes raised where appropriate. These notes are called CARs (Corrective Action Request) within the Scheme. A summary report is also issued which includes a recommendation regarding the approval status at the time.

Approval & Certification
Following assessment, based on the lead auditor recommendation, the relevant management system certificate should be issued by BMQR accredited office. Such certificate shall have a validity period of three years.

System Reviews
The customer’s Management System is reviewed on a six / twelve monthly basis once approval remains valid and that changes to the system are examined for compliance with the assessment criteria.

Corrective Action Visit
These visits may be required (prior to the next scheduled visit) to verify corrective actions in the event of finding major CARs during the assessment or system reviews. In some cases these may be undertaken by correspondence.