What are the benefits for my organization if we gain certification with BMQR?

It will give confidence to your customers that an accredited independent body (BMQR) has assessed your system and has demonstrated that you have the capability to deliver goods and services that will consistently meet their needs. It also acts as a focus within your own company to develop best practice and promote continual improvement.

What are the benefits for my organization if we gain certification with BMQR?

The certification cycle is three years from granting a certificate. It is your responsibility to maintain and improve your system, focusing on processes for delivering good products and services to your customers. BMQR will conduct periodic surveillance visits to sample the system. After three years a full reassessment is conducted.

Can we make changes to our procedures and processes?

BMQR encourages you to always look for ways to improve your processes from initial enquiries through to delivery of product and services to your customers. As long as the improvement made was part of your formal system this is seen as a positive activity. Areas for improvement can often be identified during your internal audits.

What are the main ideas that a certified system should be based on?

The most common standard used is quality management standard ISO-9001. This has been adopted world wide as the benchmark by which to measure a company’s systems capability. The principles it encompasses can be applied to any company. These are effective leadership, customer focus to meet both stated and implied needs, a systemic approach based on well designed and managed processes, decisions based on hard data, not intuition, good relationships with suppliers, involvement of people, utilising skills and experience of your workforce and emphasis on continual improvement.

Can certification be obtained by any organization?

Yes, international standards recognise that business is conducted in many different ways. Regardless of the size of your company, BMQR will adjust the duration of the assessment to take that into account. The standards also define products in four ways; hardware, software, processed material and services. Your company may have one or a combination of these things. BMQR will assist you to define a scope for your products that will be assessed and appeared on your certificate.

What is meant by accredited certification?

We strongly recommend that you do not seek certification from any certification body that is not accredited by one of the world recognised accreditation bodies. Such certification is worthless. BMQR is accredited by leading accreditation bodies, namely “American International Accreditation Organization, Bureau of Accredited Registrars., US”. This accreditation means that you can have every confidence that our auditors will conduct a professional and independent assessment of your organisation that will be recognized in all the markets of the world.